Programmes Offered

The Chemical Engineering Department offers BTech, MTech and PhD programmes.

Undergraduate Programme 

It is a four-year programme and has an intake of 60 students. The curriculum is well-designed to cover essentials of Chemical Engineering as well as value-based subjects. It also includes institute/university electives in the field of engineering, management, humanities and social sciences.

The Minor Program

Students of the department have the flexibility to opt for Minor specialisation from the fifth semester onwards.

The specialisations offered are listed below –

  • Minor offered by the Department
    • Environmental Engineering
  • Minors offered by the Institute of Technology
    • Computer Science and Engineering
    • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Minors offered by the Institute of Management
    • Marketing
    • Finance
  • Minor offered by the Department of Design
    • Communication Design

Postgraduate Programme (MTech by Research)

MTech program by Research offers post-graduation in Chemical Engineering to aspirants from industry and research institutes. The programme involves one semester of course-work followed by working on a research problem culminating into a thesis at the end of minimum three years.

Doctoral Programme 

The Department is known for quality research carried out by faculty members and students. Their work is published and presented in  highly acclaimed conferences and journals.

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