One day International Seminar on “Renewable energy resources: New Technologies of 2022” was organized by Chemical Engineering Department, Nirma University and funded by Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Canada. Dr. Neha Patni and Dr. Amita Chaudhary were the coordinators of the seminar. The day began with cheerful faces greeting the delegates. The seminar started with a welcome note by Dr. Sanjay Patel, HoD, Chemical Engineering Department. He welcomed the esteemed guest of Honour Ms. Prachi Kaul, Director, Shastri Indo-canadian Institute, Dr. R N Patel, Director, Institute of Technology, Nirma University and all the delegates contributing in this seminar from Canada and India.

Dr. Animesh data, Professor and Director, Bio-Renewable Innovation Lab, University of Guelph, Canada talked about the circular economy approach of upcycling of biowastes for energy and materials.

Dr. Amit Kumar, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engg., University of Alberta, Canada quoted hydrogen’s role in global energy transition is an economic opportunity for energy exporting jurisdiction. He focussed on future option is to use stored carbon especially from natural gas decomposition and there is need to scale up hydrogen fuel cell from medium to long term.

Dr. Anuradda Ganesh, Director, Chief Technical Advisor, Cummins India and Adjunct Professor, IIT Bombay, India introduced alternate fuels for decarbonisation, focussed on reducing well to wheel emissions. As per biofuel policy released in 2018, expected ethanol to be E20 by 2030, but an average blending of bio ethanol is 8.5% in India currently which is to be increased to 20% by 2025. Similarly Biodiesel blending is to be B05 by 2030, however it is 0.14% in India currently. However these blending increase profitability and provides competitive advantage to large fleet owners.

Mr. Manan Patel, project Management Professional-project procurement and HR Functional Consultant-Digital Transformation, Gujarat, India advocated the future renewable technology is solar energy for India. Near to 650 delegates got the enlightened session of the future renewable energies.