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Nilanjana Banerjee

Batch 2004–2008

The person we are today and the person we aspire to become are shaped by a myriad of influences including our family, life experiences, the individuals we encounter, and the guidance we receive from our teachers. For me, the Department of Chemical Engineering at Nirma University stands as the foundation upon which my career has been built. The invaluable lessons imparted by both my peers and professors have significantly contributed to my professional growth. It was within these walls that the seed of my ambition to pursue academia was planted, nurtured by the inspiration of my dedicated teachers. I am eternally grateful to all those teachers and mentors whose wisdom and encouragement have sculpted me into the person I am today. Their blessings and unwavering support serve as beacons of light, illuminating my path and guiding me through life’s challenges.

Current Designation: Associate Professor and Head – Energy Cluster

(Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Dept. of Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences),

UPES, Dehradun