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Arpit Bhatt

Batch 2007-2011

I owe a profound debt of gratitude to Nirma University for its pivotal role in shaping my professional journey. The exceptional academic environment, dedicated faculty, and cutting-edge curriculum provided me with the knowledge and skills essential for success in my field.

The university’s emphasis on practical learning, industry exposure, and technical oriented subjects significantly contributed to my growth. Moreover, the supportive community at Nirma University fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration, preparing me not just as a professional but as a well-rounded individual ready to face the challenges of the professional world.

In essence, Nirma University has been more than an educational institution; it has been a cornerstone in my journey towards professional excellence. I proudly attribute my success to the solid foundation laid by Nirma University and I am immensely grateful for the role it played in shaping my career trajectory.

Arpit Bhatt

Batch- 2007-2011

Senior Researcher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)